“Pre-habilitation”: Strengthening Your Joints Before Surgery

We all know the benefits of rehabilitation after surgery, but what about before surgery?. “Pre-habilitation” is just as important to ensure optimal muscle integrity coming into surgery.

Months of pain can lead to reduced use of the joint and lead to loss of muscle strength, poor balance or adoption of poor postures. “Pre-habilitation” will reduce muscle loss and give you the best possible outcome post surgery.

Patients who participate in pre-surgery exercise strengthening are more likely to ambulate earlier and be discharged from hospital quicker than those who do no exercise prior to surgery.

What does this mean? If you have arthritis, or an injury and you need joint surgery in the near future, you will need “pre-habilitation” exercises to ensure the fastest recovery possible. Contact us to discuss your surgery and how we can help you through the recovery process.



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